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At harvard this year (2010) a certain member of rank D, one Amanda Quain, with help from Carly, created a theme song. Rank D's inferiority to other flute ranks notwithstanding, here are the song's lyrics:

Ohhhh Rank D stands for da wonderful da awesome and da great
da very best you'll ever have! even better then- oh wait,
we're better than Ranks A and B, better than the clarinets,
and when it comes to being cool we always trump trumpets!

Rank D stands for dantastic! da brilliant and da sweet
and if you thought this song was cool then you're in for a treat
Rank D is great at marching! we pinwheel and gate turn
hey, Rank B! Look over here! There's something you can learn!

Rank B responds with their own themesong.